MyBell-lightsThe creators of MyBell have taken to innovating an almost novelty safety device and turned it into something fun, customizable and of course safety conscious.

MyBell is a handlebar mountable customized bicycle early warning device. Using MyBell’s technology users can quickly and easily use their customized sound files as a quick warning device for pedestrians, cars and other cyclists. Where the original bicycle bell barely made a ringing peep, MyBell is loud, being metered at over 93db, and what’s more you can use whatever sounds you want.

Ringtones For Your Bike is what online magazine iPhone Life called MyBell. That, along with it’s customizable, high intensity, LED lighting make warning people of the user’s approach, much easier.

What Peter Pottier and Valentin Sidersky didn’t realize when they created MyBell was that one particular community would embrace the idea of MyBell as an important safety device.

Over 70 million people across the world suffer from some kind of hearing loss. Over 16% of Americans suffer some kind of hearing loss as well.

Why is MyBell getting praised from the deaf community?

Carrie Brewer, a young entrepreneur, and founder of DeafBikeSigns, has created a product that many deaf people are using for bike riding. Her product, DeafBikeSigns is exactly what you might think.They are signs that affix to the back of a bicycle to let people know that there is a deaf cyclist riding that bike.

Preorder-KickstarterDeaf cyclists, like non-deaf cyclists, just want to get out and enjoy a beautiful day. There’s nothing that prevents them from riding a bike, except not being able to hear the environmental noise behind them. Although we often overlook them, those environmental noises are crucial to our safe riding.

Maybe it’s a young family or kids on a leisurely walk, or perhaps it’s a car getting ready to pull out of a drive way. Deaf cyclists can’t warn people the same way non-deaf cycists can because they can’t hear. Even if they can speak it’s typically not as audible as they would like.

MyBell is perfect for these cyclists.

As you can see in the video below, simple commands like “approaching” or “on your left” can easily tell people in their immediate vicinity that they are coming. When coupled with a DeafBikeSign, after the initial warning pedestrians will quickly understand why they were warned in such a way.

The MyBell will put deaf cyclists and parents of deaf children a little more at ease as they set out on the open road.

Preorder MyBell here. Find out more about DeafBikeSigns here.