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There are an awful lot of home monitoring/smart home devices out there, with a lot of different functionality. However, we just came across one smart home device that packs in just about every single smart home function into one place. The Neoji, according to the creators, “is a sleek and elegant device that functions like a zen master for your home, creating a sanctuary of comfort, cost-efficiency, and calm.”1


The Neoji is pretty remarkable for a number of different reasons. There are three main benefits of the Neoji:

  1. Giving you the control over energy costs and consumption: soaring energy costs have taken their toll on consumers, who have little control until they get their bills.  Neoji puts the control back in your hands, so you can track your energy and water consumption each day and take steps to reduce your consumption—and save money.
  2. In addition, Neoji acts as a security device, and will care for your home and everything it contains.  State of the art sound sensors can hear unusual activity; movement sensors can detect an intruding presence when no one is at home, and air quality sensors can detect humidity, a gas leak, abnormal temperature fluctuations, or the presence of smoke or other air pollutants.
  3. It can also arm parents with safety and confidence.  Of course you know your child is in good hands with your nanny or babysitter, but have you ever felt that niggling sense, that urgency to just check in and be sure they are ok?  Go ahead, have a look.  Neoji gives you the reassurance and put your mind at rest. You simply program notifications to instantly be sent to you, a friend, a family member, the police, or even your doctor.  Even if you’re far from home, help will be instantly summoned.2

The Neoji comes packed with several high-sensitivity sensors that help you get a full view of your home:

  • Microphone
  • Motion sensor
  • Air quality sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • HD camera3

Further, the devices comes equipped with some other built-in features to help you utilize the sensors:

  • Sound and voice recognition
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Baby monitoring
  • Pet monitoring
  • Fall detection
  • Presence simulation
  • Neoji’s LED Mood indicator light
  • Zen music: Neoji can play a soft and peaceful music for your child
  • Zen alarm: Neoji plays alarm sounds when an alert is triggered4

So, essentially, the Neoji listens to you and your house, and offers suggestions to make things better and more efficient.

Neoji app

The Neoji comes with an app that serves as your link to the device. The app updates you with all sorts of information, as well as allow you to update many settings:

  • Activity monitoring – Neoji is your eyes and ears when you’re not at home. Check your home’s current status, or access the camera feature to provide that visual reassurance.
  • Presence simulation – If you’re away on holiday or for business, Neoji can deter the unwanted attention of thieves or vandals by automatically turning on your lights each evening, just as if you were home.
  • Intelligent learning – Neoji continues learning over time. It can recognize the typical sounds of your household, regular activities, or the voices of family members and friends.
  • Temperature control – Keeps you and your family warm in the winter, cool in the summer.
  • Lighting control – The retreating daylight will signal Neoji to turn on the lighting, and adjust lighting levels as dusk turns to full darkness
  • Energy control – Does receiving your electricity bill ruin your day? Make that a thing of the past! Neoji will help you target your consumption just where it is needed, and conserve it down during times when less required, thereby reducing your overall consumption.
  • Energy and water monitoring and reduction – Neoji can help you reduce your energy consumption by a whopping 20%!5

Overall, this looks like the most compete smart home solution that you can buy. Currently, you can pre-order a Neoji device for $299 on their Indiegogo Campaign. Here is a look at the Neoji in action: