NewsRoom-1Many of you are watching The Newsroom. Yet another amazing Aaron Sorkin show that’s going to tragically end sooner than it should. In case you aren’t aware Sorkin likes to end things on a high note, except for that extra long run of West Wing, and it’s already known that this is the third and final season of The Newsroom.

Why is Sorkin ending it? This could be debated for ever. Some have even gone as far as to debate the fact that Jeff Daniels, who plays the shows main character Will McAvoy also plays a leading role in Dumb and Dumber to that came out in the midst of this third and final season of The Newsroom. Whatever the reason we’re gripped to The Newsroom like we are every Thursday night to Scandal. We can watch Olivia Pope for years. Am I right?

Recently speaking to a radio/tv/media class at Auburn University I started to think long and hard about my career in media. I’ve been fortunate to start off in traditional media and then become a new media entrepreneur of sorts.

The words old media and new media are playing out right now in one of The Newsroom’s biggest story lines.

Jim a producer for ACN is dating Haley a woman he met on the campaign trail in season 2, worked at ACN towards the end of that season and then got fired for a childish tweet in episode 1 of season 3.

That would all be irrelevant if it wasn’t for the fact that Haley took a new job at a new media outfit similar to Gawker or Business Insider. And that’s where the theme of this particular piece comes in, you know because us New Media journalists don’t write stories we write pieces.

Gawker and Business Insider are known for their loud rawkus newsrooms of journalists who are paid based on page views, and clicks. They’re paid on eyeballs. You knew this right?

I too am paid on eyeballs but more importantly the day of the CPM and the ad network for a site like Techfaster are over. We do sponsorships but that’s a different story for a different time.

Sorkin has done a fine job of making people believe that new media is wrong, yet again, which in itself is actually wrong.

You see, fictional or not, ACN is also paid in eyeballs. Whether it’s those eyeballs watching the HBO feed live or on a DVR playback, or it’s the fictional viewers of ACN who put them in fourth place in the last ratings period.

Arbitron-DiaryYou see during my radio career and even a brief stint in TV, there were ratings. Every single quarter there were ratings. As a night DJ in some of the biggest markets in the country I would pull hilarious stunts with callers, air listeners’ parents’ fighting, or any other amount of insane antics to make more people write down (at the time) that they were listening to me at night.

Facebook has cracked down on click bait

We keep hearing that Facebook is cracking down on click bait, and they are. They’re hoping that sites like BuzzFeed and ViralNova will stop daring people to click on nonsense stories. They won’t.

But let’s be clear here.  Technology stories from Techfaster, TechCrunch or even Business Insider, are nothing along the lines of “7 ways you know your boyfriend cheated last night”.

Why do you read Techfaster? I don’t know perhaps you like my little rants, perhaps you’re into crowdfunding, educational technology or the latest gizmo or gadget that people want as a stocking stuffer. For whatever reason, thank you, and if you clicked on this story thank you too.

Media has changed, but eyeballs and ears are still very much the same.