OneFit-TopMany tech analysts thought that yesterday’s Apple Watch announcement would render fitness trackers obsolete. That may be the case for some, but those that are serious about their workout, getting in shape and keeping up with their lifestyle are still going to want to use a fitness tracker rather than run the risk of breaking their $349 Apple Watch.

OneFit is a new fitness tracker that will help the user track just about everything no matter what their choice of physical activity. It doesn’t matter if the user is casually working out, or training for a triathalon.

OneFit identifies all  your physical activities and tracks key metrics to help you stay healthy and fit. No matter what our physical activity OneFit can track it.

  • Gym exercises
  • running
  • cycling
  • everyday activity
  • sleep
  • heart rate

OneFit-GymOneFit’s algorithms analyze the users body structure and suggests different types of activities specifically for the user and it can predict the users future form.

The OneFit features a heart rate monitor, 3D movement sensor, OLED display and it has companion apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, smart watches and smart glasses.

“OneFit offers workout plans for your fitness level and informs you of how active you should be during the day as well as what exactly you should do to achieve your goal. OneFit learns from you and it can predict your body form: how you will improve your muscles, how much fat you’ll lose, and how active you should be to stay healthy.” The company says on their Indiegogo page

OneFit-CyclingThis is the first fitness tracker to have such a wide variety of fitness metrics including:

  • heart rate
  • repetitions
  • force
  • max strength
  • explosive strength
  • power
  • sleep duration
  • steps counter
  • steps duration
  • step length
  • cadence
  • speed
  • distance
  • active time
  • calories

There are hundreds of fitness trackers out there. Several people have been sucked into buying multiple fitness trackers for their different fitness needs. OneFit is the first fitness tracker that can handle tracking just about every person’s needs even across a variety of physical activities.

You can find out more about OneFit here.