OWC-inhandEveryone wants to talk about cloud, cloud cloud, but those of us that have been in the tech industry forever and a day know that there are a lot of risks when storing stuff in the cloud.

For starters that’s someone else’s server space. I know that in a perfect world those cloud server company leaders are supposed to be on the up and up and never dive into your personal stuff, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they can. Yes, if need be someone at Amazon Web Services can look right into your account, Google can too.

The safest cloud storage is to not use cloud storage at all, but with all these deals out there to get gigabytes and terrabytes for next to nothing you’ve probably got a cloud account or two. Right? You’re probably thinking that a 500gb portable, bus powered drive is going to cost you a $100 bucks easily, so why bother, just put it in the cloud.

That’s usually right until the point that you have a big presentation in the morning, you’ve stored the powerpoint in the cloud and the hotel’s wifi is about as fast as Prodigy was over a 15.6 modem 15 years ago. Now all the sudden you’re starting to wish you had a huge portable bus powered drive to take everywhere with you.

Well now you can and I highly recommend it for anyone you’re serious about this holiday season.

OWC-2We’ve been using the OWC 2.0TB Mercury On The Go drive for a week and it’s kept up with us like a champ. First off it’s using a 2.0 5400rpm Samsung drive, it’s fast, quiet and has a ton of storage. Couple that with the fact that it’s USB 3.0 or Fire Wire and then throw in the fact that OWC includes a leather type carrying case and voila, instant comfort for you die hard mobile warriors.

I too was just like you, I had a 500gb drive for music and another for video and then another 1tb drive for all my work files. Guess what, now they’re all together in OWC’s sleek little, bus powered box.

The folks at OWC haven’t left anything out:

– Mac and PC compatible
– Fully suitable for audio / video applications
– Bus-powered via USB, FireWire, and can also be used with optional AC adapter
– Compact size: 3.5″(W) x 5.5″(D) x 1″(H)
– Lightweight: 12 ounces for case plus drive
– Uses 2.5″ Serial ATA (SATA) type Hard Disk or Solid State Drive
– Shock Isolation System
– Up to 32MB hard drive data cache
– Super quiet fanless operation
– Clear, impact-resistant polycarbonate acrylic case design
– Cool Blue activity indicator LED
– Solution and included connecting cables are fully backward compatible with USB 2.0
– Smart Power Switch to conserve energy during periods of disk inactivity

OWC-ConnectorsEvery OWC Mercury On The Go drive includes:

OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro bus-powered portable drive
– Carrying case
– High-quality double-shielded connecting cables:
– FireWire 800 (9-pin to 9-pin)
– USB 3.0
– Over $100 retail value disk utility software bundle:
– Intech HD SpeedTools Utilities(tm)
– Prosoft Engineering Data Backup 3
– NovaStor NovaBACKUP(r)
– 3 year OWC solution limited warranty

You can find out more about it here, and buy one for that mobile warrior on your list.