This odd looking thing is, ” the world’s first 4K 25p wearable camcorder, HX-A500,” from Panasonic.1 If you can get past the odd appearance, the HX-A500 looks like it will be just about the best wearable camera when it hits the market in May. The camera will be priced at £379.99, or just under $630.

The features for this new wearable camera are pretty impressive. Beyond shooting in 4K Ultra HD, at a rate of up to 200 frames per second (FPS), the camera is dustproof and waterproof up to 3 meters for 30 minutes. Even more, the camera includes:

A new colour, 1.5 inch LCD monitor has been incorporated into the HX-A500’s main body so you can check the camera’s field of view during recording.The HX-A500 is also equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) capability, meaning it is just a simple swipe away from a Wi-Fi connection via your smartphone or tablet.2

Matt Evans, Camcorder Product Manager, Panasonic UK, released a lengthy comment with the news:

We’ve seen the action camcorder market grow year on year as people look to share their activities and capture the action in the best picture quality possible.  4K is the next step in video capture and when combined with the ability to use a point of view camcorder we begin to push the boundaries of videography.  The HX-A500 has the benefit of a lightweight lens piece, just 31g, which means using it becomes unobtrusive and it adds no significant bulk or weight to the user.  This is a key point when you consider that an action camcorder will be used during an activity, such as ski-ing or sailing, so the less weight, or size, the better the experience.  The HX-A500 ensures the user takes unique and personal footage in the best quality possible.3

Here is a video showing the capabilities of the new wearable camera: