PassZwypeToday, if you’re like most people, you have to remember multiple passwords, pins and authentication codes on a variety of different devices. It seems that every time you turn around you’re hearing about more and more data theft and security breakdown. It seems that with the technology available today, there could be a better way to manage all of those passwords, pins and authentication codes that’s secure, unique and easy to do.

Enter PassZwype, a revolutionary leap into the new age of online authentication and security.

PassZwype is the brain child of Zighra a company already making smart authentication solutions for smart devices, like Kinetic ID and Zfraudshield. While the company is made up of a bunch of really smart security scientists Zighra wanted to make a unique product for consumers to use that was both secure and easy.

“We had this crazy idea to uniquely train our phones and apps to recognize us based on our habits and interaction patterns, including the way we hold our phones, the angle in which we hold it, the pressure we apply on our touch screens, and the acceleration for which me move”  Zighra CEO Deepak Dutt said.

The company examined over 100 different “sensorial” points. They took all of these points and ran them through sophisticated authentication and machine learning algorithms and created a unique kinetic signature for the user.

PassZwype2The new Kinetic signature found in PassZwype allows Android users the ability to protect their programs, passwords and datas with their finger swipe. Now don’t get this confused with the puzzle pattern lock functionality found on all versions of Android going back to CupCake, if a different person swipes their finger instead of the actual user, your information is still secure. Zighra may have just reinvented mobile security.

“Zighra’s KineticID provides effortless, automatic, and instantaneous user recognition by adding an invisible security layer to PassZwype authentication. KineticID implicitly recognizes a user based on their habits and interaction patterns. It measures the user’s unique kinetic interaction signature, such as the way the user holds their phone, the angle in which they hold it, the touch screen pressure, and acceleration of the swipe etc. By avoiding mandatory explicit mechanisms such as PINS, passwords, and other biometrics – KineticID brings the ultimate in user convenience without compromising security. You don’t need to remember a master password or expensive additional hardware.” The company said.

You can find out more about PassZwype here.