Personal Secure Line JackPair

This isn’t 007, Jack Bauer or 24. It’s real life America in 2014 and citizens everywhere are worried about who can monitor your phone calls.

While there’s great debate on whether government agencies are monitoring entire calls of US citizens or they’re just taking some of the information from calls, either way there’s a real need for security especially in some situations over the phone.

You may be discussing trade secrets, having sensitive family discussions or discussing financial information. Whatever the case may be, a new device called JackPair can provide people with their own personal secure line.

“The existing secure phones on the market today cost anywhere from over six hundred to a few thousand dollars.  It’s out of reach for most people, and the worst part is that, you have to give up the phones you’re using everyday, and switch to whatever secure phone models dictated by the vendors.  With JackPair, we’re enabling every citizen to protect our own privacy by making it under a hundred bucks, and you get to keep using your favorite phones while talking through JackPair’s Secure Line.” Jeffrey Chang says on the product’s Kickstarter Page.

JackPair can work with a traditional land line phone or any mobile phone. It’s perfect for executive’s who talk business with each other on a regular basis. It’s also perfect for doctor’s who talk with partners in their practice or even their office manager about sensitive medical issues.  JackPair is also perfect for the busy executive that is always on the go and taking important briefings over the phone. It’s also a very inexpensive solution for businesses like security consulting companies or financial advisor firms. Outfitting each employee or team member with a JackPair insures that all of the communication is secure. Encrypted phone systems for entire businesses, even small ones, can run in the range of tens of thousands of dollars.

In laymen’s terms here’s how JackPair works. The caller and receiver both have a JackPair adapter. When they connect the JackPair to their telephone device and hit the button on the unit it generates a One Time Secret Key (OTSK). That key is delivered to both sides of the device and the conversation between the two device is encrypted. Once the JackPair’s are connected than one person should read the pairing code to the other thus confirming that the voice call is connected and that the encryption key is correct on both ends.

JackPair works with any phone and in just about any configuration.

Whether you’re in any of the professions above or you’re just concerned about your privacy, JackPair is definitely worth considering. You can find out more here.