PulseOnTero Mennander’s, a former engineer at Finland based Nokia, worked for five years on a now patented piece of technology called “beat to beat” heart rate measurement, reports Business Insider. He’s now spun the company PulseOn out of Nokia where he is going full steam ahead on this new technology.

At one point in time, like Blackberry, Nokia was on top of the wireless technology game. While Windows Phone isn’t nearly as popular as Android or iOS the Lumia line of phones, produced by Nokia, offer some of the best functionality in the world. Finland is also home to Rovio Mobile the company behind the gangbusters hit Angry Birds as well as a handful of other high profile technology companies.

As for the heart monitor, PulseOn works through a wristband which is a very popular trend in wearable technology. The first uses for the product will be for sports and fitness. The PulseOn monitor has an advantage, because it doesn’t require a clunky chest strap.

The user will wear PulseOn 24 hours a day. At night the monitor is taking important readings that can tell the user what kind of training they should do the next day, “…if it’s worthwhile to train really hard, do some recovery training, or just completely relax the next day.” Business Insider’s Megan Rose Dickey reports. 

PulseOn also plans to add stress measurement and sleep impact.

“If you drink alcohol before you go to sleep, wake up in morning, a motion-based activity tracker (like the Fitbit or Fuelband) will tell you you’ve been sleeping long and well, even though you haven’t,” Mennader told Business Indiser. “PulseOn will tell you you’ve been sleeping a while, but your body hasn’t really recovered.”

With several other heart monitors on the market, and fitness aids like FitBit and JawBone’s Up taking off, Mennader insists that PulseOn will be the most accurate monitor available.

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