The Misfit Shine is a small fitness band with hopes of getting people of all weights and ages moving. Misfit is a producer of high quality fitness materials with the ability to connect to your mobile device and give you feedback to help accomplish your goals. Shine gives you accurate information about how many steps you have taken, how long you have slept and can even give an estimate of how deep your sleep is.

I found Shine to be very useful in keeping me motivated to do tasks such as jogging and doing other physical activities. LED lights surround the circle indicating the percentage of exercise you have completed towards your goal. The band is made of metal and Misfit claims it is waterproof which makes it convenient if you are going swimming or taking a shower. In addition to all of these great features it also tells the time with its assortment of lights surrounding the face and could (if you needed it to) take the place of your watch.

Misfit 1


The band also has an interesting way of connecting to your mobile device. With bluetooth activated you need to touch the band to the back or screen of your phone and it will sync in seconds. This is very convenient and is much more useful than connecting it straight through the bluetooth menu or through a cord.

Misfit 3

The Misfit app that connects with the band works on any Android or IOS device. In my experience it was easy to navigate and gives you very relevant information on all of your fitness related activities including approximately how many calories you’ve burned and how many more you need to pass your daily goal. The app also has a place that directs you to other applications that support Shine and gives you the option to either connect your accounts or download the app straight from Google Play or the App Store.


Shine gives you the option to connect your device to Facebook and share your goals and stats as well as compare and compete with other people with the same device. This is just another one of the things Shine does very well to get you motivated and closer to achieving your goals.


Shine has a different feel than other fitness bands. The small aluminum build and its thin wristband keep it non-intrusive in your daily activities. Most of the time I forgot I was wearing it, even wearing it to sleep without remembering. In general not being a watch person I found this very easy and comfortable to wear without experiencing any wrist fatigue or annoyance.
Overall, I think that Misfit has done a good job creating a quality built small fitness device that can give you enough motivation to accomplish your fitness goals. It motivated me to move around more and I think that it will get you to do the same. Shine would be a good addition to anyone who wants to get fit’s Christmas list.