V-Moda-XS-1As many people know V-Moda is a premium headphone manufacturer that makes many different types of headphones with nothing but overall quality and style in mind. This year V-Moda has released the V-Moda xs on ear headphones that are a solid product and a good buy.

V-Moda-XS-2These headphones give a perception of quality from the moment you open the box. Uniquely designed, the metal finish and geometrically shaped earpieces are aesthetically pleasing. Comfortable padding and adjustable headband add to the value along with the use of many other high quality materials. Another distinguishing feature of this product is it’s built in microphone. Conveniently placed along the audio cord, the microphone has a one touch button making it easy to use as you video chat or make phone calls. It is clear V-Moda did not compromise when it came to build and style.

The headphones are portable; they easily fold up and fit in everything from large pockets to small knapsacks. They travel well without the fear of cracking or breaking. The headphones come in a premium case which is made of high quality military grade materials. V-Moda xs headphones are compatible with most major headphone jacks, including IPhone®, IPad®, IPod®, Blackberry®, Android™, Windowsand other 3.5mm port audio devices.

I tried the V-Moda XS  on and they screamed quality. I couldn’t wait to see how they performed so I instantly plugged them in and realized that not only was the build of the headphones good, the sound quality was superb. I was blown away about how comfortable the headphones felt and how clear the music sounded. Due to the quality of these headphones, I have started listening to and downloading more and more music just to enjoy this new found experience.

V-Moda-XS-3If you have ever heard the sound of high quality headphones and craved that kind of sound you will not be disappointed by the V-Moda xs. They do a great job in blocking out external noises and letting you hear the just the music. This is a major benefit over cheaper models or uncomfortable earbuds.

The bass on these headphones is also unbelievable. Bass that I could barely hear in my old headphones and earbuds was now very present completely changing the way music sounded, immersing you in a surround sound experience. These headphones honestly make you feel like you are at a concert surrounded with live music.

It is very clear that the V-Moda xs are extremely high quality headphones. I think that anyone who is looking to upgrade or invest in a good pair would be pleased with this product. Priced at two hundred dollars, these headphones allow you to experience quality and performance similar to higher priced brands.