SAMThere is no shortage of smart home and internet of things products available. The problem, though, is cost. Company’s build out these massive expensive products that require intrusive installation. One company,, has come up with a cheaper, less intrusive home automation product.

SAM specs

This is the SAM. The SAM is an, “Easy and affordable Plug-in and Go technology helps you Save, Automate and Monitor in your smart home.”1 Rather than building a complex system, has made one of the most low-tech things, smart. The SAM is, essentially, a smart, programmable power strip. The SAM connects to the internet via Wi-fi, and comes with an app that allows for remote control. However, the SAM takes it a step further by incorporating a motion sensor, a temperature sensor, and an ambient light sensor.


The SAM goes well beyond a simple remote controlled power strip. The power strip comes with a built in “SmartRules” functionalities. These are similar to IFTTT rules, and the company notes that they plan to incorporate IFTTT proper into the device. Through these sensors, the SAM will use the “SmartRules” to turn a plugged-in object on or off depending on the conditions. For example the SAM can: Turn on a fan when the temperature reaches 80°; turn on a light if the room goes dark; turn on the TV when someone walks in the room; turn off the stereo when it has used 10kWh of electricity. The possibilities are nearly endless. All of this is controlled through the SAM App:


You can pre-order SAM-strip for $109 or the SAM Wall plug for $49 on the Kickstarter Campaign. Here is the campaign video for a closer look at the SAM: