SamsClub2014BlackFridayYes as a matter a fact Halloween was on Friday night, we rolled back the clocks on Sunday morning and now it’s holiday, holiday, holiday time. Be prepared for talk of Black Friday ads and Holiday Gift Guides because the Holiday 2014 season is now in full effect.

In case you missed the update over the weekend Walmart has just about pwned all the other big box retailers this holiday season. You see, big boxes are in trouble this year as more and more people are vowing to not shop on Thanksgiving day so that workers can have family time. Fat chance, there will be worse lines this year than every other year so just suck it up because the holidays are here. But with all that in mind Walmart has decided to one up all of those stores that start Black Friday on Thanksgiving Day. The largest department store chain in the world started Black Friday this past weekend, and it will continue through the month.

Walmart’s wholesale family member Sam’s Club, will start Black Friday deals on November 15th. That according to 9to5mac who’s obtained a copy of a leaked advertisement that highlights some of the Black Friday deals.

Now in an interest to save paper and the mailboxes of their members Sam’s Club typically produces one or two advertisements per month, which may be the reason they’re starting Black Friday promotions on November 15th.

Starting November 15th it appears that they will sell the original Apple iPad Air in a 16gb variety for just $295 taking $100 off their current $395 in store price. But that’s not the biggest deal they’re offering.

Starting November 15th all of Sam’s Club’s iPhone 6’s will be $100 off with a new 2 year agreement for whatever carrier your local Sam’s Club carries. That makes the 16gb model $99 the 64gb model $199 and the 128gb model just $299 definitely the best deals we’ve seen on iPhone 6 to date.

We still have a little while to wait for the Best Buy circular. Best Buy always does amazingly good electronics deals for Black Friday. We can also expect Apple deals at Target and possibly Office Max and Staples. watch and hundreds of other tech sites for the latest on technology deals for Black Friday.