SceptreU500When UHD TV or 4K was originally announced and started to show up at CES two years ago the pricetags were insane. Samsung even unveiled a 110 inch UHD (4K) TV that cost more than some homes at $100,000. Like all other technology, the world waited.

Now Sceptre has made 4K attainable with their new U500 HDTV.

Sceptre’s U500 UHD TV showcases a 3840×2160 resolution screen that is 4 times sharper and clearer than traditional Full HD units, sharp and clear enough to see a blade of grass move on the football field. The ultra-precise pixels are complemented by SRS TruSurround HD, an industry leading sound technology for HDTVs that delivers immersive surround sound that encloses the audience regardless of their location in the room.

“The TV industry has been inundated with 4K TVs with niche technology that results in unattainable prices for the general consumer,” says Cathy Chou, vice president of operations, Sceptre. “Having the best and newest is a plus, but we believe that the majority of consumers still prefer a balance of performance, quality, technology and affordability.”


Sceptre’s 49-inch 4K UHD TV showcases a new minimalistic look designed to maximize viewing space and eliminate clutter. The ultra-thin bezel is highlighted by a halo style steel base that exudes simplicity. The U500 UHD TV comes equipped with 3 HDMI ports; HDCP 2.2, the next generation 4K copy protection; and MHL, which allows consumers to display their MHL enabled smartphone’s content to a larger screen while charging the device.

The U500 UHD TV is Energy Star V6.1 compliant, is neck and base detachable for easy moving and wall mounting, and features both true 4K and upscaling 4K viewing technology in case 4K content is not readily available. Upscaling 4K viewing is the process of upgrading lower resolution content by increasing it for enhanced viewing.

Sceptre’s U500 UHD TV is now available at Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target Sears’ Marketplace and Walmart. You can find out more here.