T-Mobile-Simple-SmartNow that Sprint’s taken the cat out of the bag on their plans that they are hoping will lure away T-Mobile customers back to Sprint, T-Mobile has fired back.

Last week Sprint’s new CEO Marcelo Claure, unveiled new unlimited data plans for just $60. While T-Mobile didn’t fight back by lowering their unlimited data offering to $50 or anything like that, what they did do was make the data offering on their entry level Simple Starter plan.

On Monday T-Mobile announced that customers who choose a Simple Starter plan can now have 2gb of data for just $5 more. The Simple Starter plan gives customers unlimited talk and text and 500mb of data for $40 now for just $5 more they’ll get 2gb instead.

T-Mobile’s LTE data network reaches 5x more customers than Sprint’s and has rock solid coverage in a lot of areas where Sprint does not, which may make this a much more lucrative offer. It’s great to have unlimited data but if you don’t even get good 4G LTE data in your area it’s like buying a boat and living nowhere near the water.

“People who use loads of data use T-Mobile,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “And it’s no wonder. The old guard telecoms punish people for using more data on their networks with crazy overage charges and fees. Get Verizon’s $50 plan and use just one gig more data, and the price jumps to $65. It’s crazy. At T-Mobile, we designed our network data-strong so our customers could use the hell out of it.  And that’s just what they’re doing.”

T-Mobile’s new 2Gb data feature starts September 3rd.