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It is no secret that we are huge fans of crowdfunding. In fact, that is probably our most used category. Anyhow, we just came across a unique new Indiegogo Campaign: Headphone Amp and Audio System, by the Lambert Company. It is unique for a number of reasons, all of which we will get to below, but one stands out. The Lambert Company, unlike just about every single entity that launches a crowdfunding campaign, is already a well established business. Because of this fact, the company is promising what may be the fastest crowdfunding campaign turn around time:

We’ve done all the research and design, built the prototypes, and have all of our production relationships in place. We’re ready to begin building these high-quality, easy to use products in large quantities–and we mean ready: We have charted out our production times to gather all materials, boards, connectors, packaging–all that trivial but vital  stuff involved in manufacturing– and we can promise that all products will be delivered (not start shipping, but delivered) within 4 months after the campaign ends.1

Lambert system

Another unique aspect of this campaign is the fact that it is not for just one product. Rather, the Indiegogo Campaign is for an entire line of products: “The “Small Wonder” series is a set of musically and physically compatible audio products, that can be used individually in audio systems, or, in various combinations, as a system.”2 In total, the “Small Wonder” series includes the “Play It By Ear” headphone amplifier; the “Control”Blue Tooth 4.0 Pre-Amplifier; the “The Force” 50 Watt Per Channel Amplifier; the “The Last Word” and the “Bottom Line” 2.1 Speaker System; “The Full Force” Mono Block Amplifiers; and “The Cleaner” Power Conditioner. Each component can be pre-ordered separately, or you can pre-order the entire system for $2,250 on the Indiegogo Campaign. Below is a good look at the whole system. Check out the campaign page for a more detailed description of each individual piece.