Though there are a number of mobile games that can keep a player engaged for hours together, but surely none are as quite thrilling as the games of chance. With the unpredictability, the huge bonuses involved, and the constant calling of faith in luck, these games are definitely the gateways to endless entertainment. Here we take a look at such thrilling casino based free games.

Roulette Royale

Never got to experience playing roulette? Well you don’t have to dream of going to Vegas to play the game; you can play it right from your mobile using the Roulette Royale game app. Mimicking the coins and chips, the background, and even the classic roulette wheel of a Vegas casino, the game will sure get you in the mood for some action. The game allows both European and American style roulette tables and also has multiplayer options as well. Play against bots or real time players or even with your Facebook friends instantly.

The Slot game app by Slotomania

Slots are the kind of games that despite the monotony can keep a player addicted for hours together. And when you have it as a handy companion in your mobile, even the longest waiting sessions can become bearable. But Slotomania has made this slot game a lot different than the usual. Adding exciting bonus rounds, classic side games, interchangeable themes and backgrounds, and an impressive UI design, they made this slot machine app a truly indispensable one for everyone. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

Coin Rush

This radical new game will sure kindle the curiosity of any player. The game’s rules are simple, put a shiny coin into a machine filled with coins, gems, treasure chests, and even secret trap doors and get bonus coins each time your coin strikes something on the machine. The impressive 3D graphic and the intriguing gameplay can be quite addictive. And the different variations that the game allows combined with the various items one can unlock, the game assures to provide endless hours of fun.

Deal or No Deal

Based on the popular TV show and actually licensed by the same, the game assures to provide the same thrill and entertainment of the original game right on your mobile. There are no tough puzzles to solves, or complex rules to understand; just trust your luck and guess correctly whether you have a deal or no deal.