EditorsKeys1The latest editing software, whether you’re talking about audio editing, movie editing or photo editing, all comes with a world of great shortcuts.  In fact more editors, and creatives use shortcuts rather than mouse/click actions, it just makes handling a project go that much faster.

But there can be a problem with shortcuts.

EditorsKeys2Editing rooms, recording studios, and dark rooms are all very dark. It’s hard to see the keys on a keyboard much less what their corresponding shortcuts should be, should you be as lucky as to have a keyboard with shortcut overlays.

Enter the folks at EditorsKeys.

EditorsKeys is in the business of helping editors across multiple platforms with keyboards that are already laid out to their software of choice. This could be Pro Tools, Avid, Q-Base, Photoshop and other audio and visual software suites. The company also makes other studio accessories but they’re best known for their keyboards, hence the name EditorsKeys.

Now they too have realized what a big problem it can be to have a suite full of shortcuts directly mapped out on a keyboard and then have no light to see the keyboard. This can result in major problems all around. You may cut a piece of audio or video instead of pasting it. You see the problem right?

EditorsKeys new backlit keyboard solves that problem for their users on their software specific shortcut keyboards. Now editors can work in the ambience of a poorly lit recording studio or cutting room without needing extra light, or one of those gooseneck lights that just hurts everyone’s eyes (and necks).

EditorsKeys backlit keyboards are available for preorder now on Kickstater.com or you can find out more here.