TheOSmartballWith the major surge in educational technology we’ve seen this year, edtech is definitely “in” this holiday season. TheO Smart Ball by Physical Apps is an educational technology product that has classrooms everywhere moving, shaking, learning and working together, that’s why it’s going to make a great holiday gift, not just for teachers but for kids as well.

TheO Smartball combines a sturdy foam ball with dedicated mobile apps to encourage kids and adults to get moving, share interactive personal connections and play experiences, and have fun in the process. Players toss, bounce and roll the ball with the smart device safely secured inside. The foam ball protects the device and allows for a variety of movement-based games.

All apps take advantage of the unique features of smart devices such as acceleration sensing, direction, and motion sensing, plus sound, voice recognition and Bluetooth capabilities.

Kids can get physically active with TheO SmartBall playing games based on vocabulary, math facts, matching, and more. There’s even an interactive bowling game which goes even more interactive than Wii Bowling.

But TheO Smartball isn’t just about fun and games. Research and scientific studies have been done on the connection between physical activity, learning, and the brain. Physical activity when combined with learning is even good for brain cells; “Overall brain health, improved learning and memory function are now being associated with physical movement.  This is particularly true in the hippocampus – the center of learning and memory in the brain.  This region continually undergoes neurogenesis, the re-growth of new neurons.  However the vast majority of these neurons die within a few weeks.  Learning, engagement and movement all help preserve these new cells. ”  (Shors, T. (2014) “Mental and Physical Training Keeps New Neurons Alive” presented August 7, 2014 at the American Psychological Association Annual Conference, Washington, DC.)

In a nutshell Physical Apps hasn’t just designed something that has made learning fun, they’ve validated that it works to help get students to learn more and who wouldn’t want that.

Teacher’s interested in finding out more about TheO Smartball can click here.