As anyone who has ever pumped up any sort of sports ball can tell you, it is pretty hard to get it exactly right. It is easy to over or under inflate, but hard to hit it right on the head. We just came across a new Kickstarter Campaign that looks to solve this problem once and for all: TorrX:

Torrx Pump

While, no, this does not solve any major World problems, it is a neat product. It is the perfect product for player, coaches, refs, and parents:

Accurate and easy to use, the TorrX Smart Ball Pump automatically inflates or deflates a ball to exactly your desired pressure. No more squeezing, spiking, or bouncing. You’ll know the ball is perfect every time.1

Simply put the TorrX needle in to a ball, and boom – it inflates it to the perfect PSI every single time. You can pre-order the TorrX Smart Ball Pump for $49 on the Kickstarter Campaign. Here is a good look at the pump in action, as well as the idea behind it: