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Under Desk Elliptical Cubii

Being in the tech world you probably spend most of your time behind a desk. Perhaps your plotting the next Facebook, fielding customer service calls for a new startup, or working on something edtech related. Whatever the case may be, you, like me, spend the bulk of your day in a chair. Heck, we rarely take lunch around here.

So how can we stay fit, burn calories and still sit behind a desk all day? Sure treadmill desks are great but normally that’s for the home office. You may be able to take phone calls on a standard elliptical, but that makes you sound like a breather on the phone.

What if there was something you could use that went under your desk to keep your legs moving.

Well thanks to the folks at FitnessCubed there is. Three partners from Chicago have invented the Cubii the world’s first under desk elliptical trainer.

Crain’s Chicago called the Cubii “This amazing invention promises to help you burn calories at your desk”

“Cubii facilitates simple, unconscious leg motions preventing any distraction from regular work. The elliptical motion along with appropriate foot angles ensures a smooth and comfortable motion. It is quiet, so you won’t distract others around you! And the exercise is not tedious, so you won’t sweat. It is just enough to keep you active!” FitnessCubed says on their Kickstarter Page.

“fight the sitting disease that is so common in today’s working lifestyle.” CEO and co-founder Arnav Dalmia told Crains.

The compact device features an easy to use handle so you can carry it around with you, but it also features resistance adjustments and other things you would find on a full sized elliptical machine.


And of course, a new fitness machine wouldn’t be complete without an app to help you track your workout. Bluetooth integration allows users to keep track of the users activity on the Cubii mobile app.

Ready to stay fit while you work? Check out the cubii here.