Twice-Used-FrameBreaking your iPhone can be a pain in the ass. If you don’t have any insurance on the device you could be faced with a $500 broken piece of junk. Well now Chris Koerner has taken to Kickstarter to help breathe new life into those broken iPhones.

Mashable reports that while Koerner was working for a phone repair shop he realized that he could use the old broken parts to fashion new items like jewelry, clocks, picture frames and even tables.

Koerner takes to Kickstarter to tell people that his project called Twice Used actually has dual purposes. The first is to make attractive interesting products. The other is getting potentially hazardous waste from broken iPhones out of the landfill.

Gizmodo says: “There are a lot of creative ways to reuse electronics, and having your 3GS come back as a minimalist clock isn’t a bad option.”

Twice-Used-ClockWhile the folks at CNet said: “…Rejoice, for the infamous feeling of shame upon shattering one’s device may have a bright side. It turns out dismantled iPhones that are injured beyond repair make for interesting pieces of functioning furniture, jewelry, and kitchen accessories.

Koerner says he has 20,000 pieces of broken iPhones right now but tells Mashable “There will always be a market for this…People have always been and will always be breaking their phones… If it weren’t for my repair experience, I wouldn’t have known that these materials are harmful to the environment.”

The Kickstarter campaign had raised nearly $2700 at the time this was written with 23 days to go to their $10,000 goal. You can support Twice Used on Kickstarter here.