Wearable Tech Infographic

Saying that wearable tech has exploded could be the understatement of the year. Just search the pages of any technology blog, like Techfaster.com, and you’ll find more and more stories about wearable technologies.

From Google Glass, to Fit Bit, to the latest piece of wearable technology making the crowdfunding circuit, the world has taken notice. As brandwatch.com says, the conversation about wearable tech has significantly moved away from the water cooler.

Brandwatch has conducted a study on over 8 million conversations around the subject of wearable technology.

How big is the wearable tech conversation?

Brandwatch found 973,000 mentions in the first quarter of 2013 and a whopping 2,816,184 conversations in the first quarter of this year. They’ve noticed that the wearable tech conversation is trending much the same way that conversations about smartphones and tablets were, a decade ago.

Brilliant Noise has packaged Brandwatch’s data into a very interesting infographic below. Some of the key trends are interesting, and somewhat expected.

  • Wearable tech conversations are up 190% year over year
  • Google Glass, Fitbit and Nike Fuel Band are the most discussed products
  • Conversations indicate more people are likely to buy Fitbit than Google Glass
  • The US and the UK are responsible for most of the conversation
  • Forums are a hot place for the wearable tech discussion
  • More men are discussing wearable tech but more women are positive when discussing ownership of wearable tech

See the data points in the infographic below. Check out which forums are hot for wearable tech discussion and see what Twitter accounts are discussing wearable tech the most.  Don’t forget to get your wearable tech fix in our wearable tech category.