wideo-topWearable technology is taking over our world. Computers are getting smaller,sensors are getting better and byte sized computers are becoming the norm. Over the last two years wearable technology and the internet of things have taken over.

We’re seeing fitness trackers on anyone looking to lose a little weight, prepare for a marathon or train for their professional sports team. We’re seeing doctors, scientists and manufacturers turn to Google Glass. We’ve seen sensors create a whole new industry in medicine. But what about education?

Virtual reality glasses, Google Glass, media players, tablets, smartphones, wristbands and even cameras are all a part of education technology today. As we move forward their place in the classroom is going to become more abundant.

Our friends at Wideo, the self serve platform for animated videos, released an infographic detailing the personal technology and wearable technology that we’re either seeing in the classroom today, or we will see in the not so distant future.

How are students of today using today’s latest technology to help them learn more,keep up and make school work easier?

The infographic below tells that story, and the story of the devices found most relevant in today’s classroom. Wideo takes a look at some of the more popular devices that students are using today and how they can use them in their education.



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