LifeShel1According to The Women’s Center Inc, someone is sexually assaulted every two minutes. On college campuses, in downtown nightlife centric areas and even parks, that risk increases.

There are many products out there now, and projects that have gone for crowdfunding, that addressed the need for a smart, mobile safety device but inherently opportunities were missed with each device. With advancement’s in technology there is a need for a device that can help the victim of an assault at a moment’s notice, without thinking about it, and in a variety of ways.

The GPS/Bluetooth Tag

There are a lot of GPS/Bluetooth tag devices out there aimed at helping prevent assault. But let’s face it we’re talking about lives here and not your car keys. The GPS/Bluetooth tag is flawed for many reasons, there are too many moving parts and the Bluetooth tag is reliant on a separate connected device, the smartphone.

Loud sirens and noise generators

There are a handful of really loud siren devices that will deter an assailant away but then what. After the siren goes off what do you do? You still need to make a call to summon authorities, friends and family.

LifeShel2A new device out there called the Whistl by LifeShel, combines a variety of devices into the all in one swiss army knife of personal protection.

When you fall victim to attack you can quickly activate The Whistl. It first reacts with an ear piercing audible alarm. Simultaneously a disorienting 90 lumens light is omitted from The Whistl Case, and finally authorities and a list of close friends are notified via the Whistl app that lets those people know you’re in trouble and you need their help. It also dispatches your GPS coordinates.

LifeShel3Now LifeShel knows there are several personal safety devices out there, even cell phone cases that are designed as safety tools. However, it wasn’t until the Whistl that all of it came together in one easy to use device that you have on your person at all times.

When the Whistl is activated it knows to call the police if you don’t respond to a prompt.