There are a lot of unique projects floating around on the various crowdfunding websites. We just came across a pretty interesting one: youWare. The tagline in the logo above is representative of the whole concept:

We coexist in both a digital and physical world. Online, we’re identified by usernames and email addresses. In the real world, we express our identity through the clothes we wear. youWare and youPass come together to quickly identify you in both worlds–without sacrificing privacy and control.1

What does that mean? Well, the company behind youWare – Think You – has already put in a lot of the leg work. Think You has already built out a robust social platform: youPass. It does not really fall into the standard Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn category of social networks, but it is close. It is a bit like Bump:

youPass is a beautiful new way to create links, share contact information and connect with the networks you already use. How it works: When together, users link instantly by scanning or browsing nearby. Otherwise, search for users with any of the contact information you already have. Once linked, create custom live-streams of your contact information. Incoming data can be easily accessed in the apps you already use. Quick Share also allows users to share custom vCards with anyone, on any device.2


youWare takes this a step further, by adding a physical component into the mix. youWare itself is either a bracelet, keychain, or a charm. On each youWare is a QR code that is a link to your youPass profile. Essentially, youWare makes is even faster to share youPass information:

youware tags

When someone scans youWare with the youPass app, you become instantly linked. But don’t worry, no one has access to your private data. In fact, they won’t have access to anything until you choose to share it later…Once linked, use the youPass app to interact with the people you’ve met. You choose which contact information and social networking accounts to share with each link on a peer-to-peer basis. That means everyone receives only what you want to share with them, and nothing else…Browsing links is like browsing a contact list. Quickly find people and interact in the apps and social networking services you already use.3

Take a look at their campaign video below: