Zeni-Kinetic-Origin3D Printing is undoubtedly exploding. The industry brought to life by Makerbot has become one of the biggest parts of present day technology. 3D printers allow anyone to create real products and let their creativity and imagination run wild. What used to be very expensive tools in machine shops, and manufacturing plants are now sitting in people’s home offices next to the latest laser jet paper printer.

3D Printers come in all kinds of varieties. There are very high end professional 3D Printers and the ultra cheap variety that won’t stand up to even the easiest of multiple print jobs. Zeni Kinetic, a company based in Salt Lake City Utah have found a happy medium.

The Origin 3D Printer by Zeni Kinetic is a professional grade 3D printer at a consumer friendly price. The specs on the Origin are in line with 3D Printers which cost 3 times what Zeni Kinetic is charging.

The origin has a large enough build space to print “richer more useful inventions at a competitive price, accessible to everyone” the company said.

The build area is 1 cubic foot and the printing resolution height is 75 microns meaning that each layer is able to print at the size of a human hair. With the Origin you can print detailed models in a number of hours.

The best part about The Origin by Zeni Kinetic is that the printer is fully upgradeable with easy access to all the parts. It’s also open source so users can modify their printers the way they want to with help from the Zeni Kinetic community.

Zeni-Kinetic-Origin-2Features of The Origin:

  • 300mm x 300mm x 300mm (12 x 12 x 12 inches) build area
  • Single extruder with your choice of .35mm or .5mm nozzle with fan.
  • Uses 1.75mm filament. Prints with: PLA and any filament up to 230C that does not require a heated bed.
  • Print cooling fan
  • Resolution down to 75 micron layer height.
  • Max layer height = .8 x your nozzle size. ie .5mm nozzle can do up to .4mm layers for faster prints.
  • Print speeds up to 150mm / sec.
  • Easy bed leveling
  • Internal plate aluminum frame.
  • Fully enclosed mechanics.
  • Easy access to internal components
  • Fully upgradeable.
  • Advanced options can be added at any time.
  • Fully assembled and tested.
  • USB connection for PC control

The Zeni Kinetic Origin line of 3D Printers come in several different colors including: Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue, Red, Aqua, and Raspberry. They ship fully assembled and ready to print with easy access to key parts and upgradeability in mind.

Zeni Kinetic isn’t just about manufacturing 3D printers they are about maximizing people’s creativity. The Origin supports multiple extruder heads and a variety of configurations.

The Origin is one of the only printers on the market that begs you to make it into something else. The future of 3-D printing is not limited to plastic, so why should the Origin be? Our printer as been created with an unlimited future in mind: for the foodie—candy, pizza, and waffle printing is on the horizon; metal and ceramic options will be available for the builders and sculptors of society. The ability to print directly from pellets or ground plastic is currently being explored by one group and the number will surely grow. We want even the bio-printing sphere of the medical field to have options with the Origin. These advancements may be a few years down the road but we do not believe that 3-D printing is just a passing fad, and the Origin is a fantastic base to begin from.” The company said on their Kickstarter page.