T-Mobile Wants You To Break Up With Your Bank Too, And Get Naked In Poland

Since T-Mobile announced it's "break up" with your carrier uncarrier promotion, new customers have been flocking to T-Mobile. They've been leaving their old carrier behind and doing so on social media. Customers leaving other carriers for T-Mobile don't just get to port their number over, big magenta even pays their early termination fees (up to [...]

AT&T Offers Square Competitor Vantiv

While people hear about Square everyday there are plenty of other competitors in the market place. In fact Vantiv, is one of the largest credit card processors in the world . That's why AT&T has partnered with Vantiv to provide merchant services via smartphone and tablet to their customers. These services from Vantiv and AT&T [...]

iPhone 6 To Have NFC? New Patent Filing Suggests YES

We're not due to see a re-up of the iPhone until September, most likely the week of September 20th. The next iPhone will undoubtedly be revealed at an Apple event two and a half weeks earlier. That's just the cycle of the iPhone. Since we're currently in the "iPhone 5s" days, history suggests that the [...]

Griffin Launches Merchant Case For Square Users At CES [VIDEO]

Square, has empowered street vendors, craft fair vendors, and flea marketers with the ability to accept credit cards with a simple swipe. Square's easy to use app and card reader eliminate the risks associated with carbon paper credit card slips and taking bad checks, problems that have plagued mom and pop merchants across the globe [...]

Square Gets A Big Re-Design From A Former Apple Guy

If you've seen the new Square reader and you've thought, wow that's simplistic, yet works, kind of like an Apple product, that's because Square's VP of hardware, Jesse Dorogusker, is an 8 year Apple veteran who worked in their accessory division. Obviously, Square is an accessory and this refresh reaks of Apple's simplicity (in a [...]