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MassageBook: Find and book massage therapists quickly and easily

  Finding a skilled massage therapist when you need one can be a real pain. Web search results often don't show small local massage therapy businesses. If you do find one, often you'll be unable to book your massage online. What if you had a way to easily find and book a massage professional near [...]

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MassageBook massage therapist directory announces partnership with ABMP

MassageBook announces an exclusive partnership with industry leading Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), and aims to help consumers find skilled massage therapists locally. - After competing with a number of scheduling and massage practice management software solutions, MassageBook has been officially selected as ABMP’s preferred choice for its members. - With more than 80,000 [...]

Betting Apps: Reducing Risk to Zero

by  401(K) 2013  Making money in the sports betting world is a fantastic buzz, but doing it blindly, without any sense of direction, it can be a bad idea. Whenever you mix money and luck there's always a chance things can go wrong; however, it's possible to negate this risk by using some of the latest technology [...]

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The Future of Mobile Gaming

The classic portable gaming devices that we grew up with are slowly but surely becoming almost obsolete thanks to the rapid development of the mobile and tablet market. Long gone are the days of popular devices such as the Nintendo Game Boy, the Atari Lynx or the short-lived PSP. More recent additions to the collection [...]

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Wearable technology is set to make an incredible impact on the way in which we live our everyday lives. A more physical interaction with technology has always been something that the general public has been craving and over the past years we have taken steady steps into turning this into reality. This year will see [...]

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7 Ways To Get Funding For Your Business

It can be a challenge to finance your business. Although the economy has recovered since the financial crisis, getting financed remains daunting. How do you get funds for a start-up? How do you find capital during a tough spell? How do you scale up your business? The simple truth is that it's still not easy to [...]

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4 Essentials Of Running A Web-Based Startup

Thanks to a bevy of online activity, you can start an online business faster than it takes for the freight company to deliver inventory to your doorstep. However, to succeed in the world of web-based startups, you need to ensure that you have all the essential ingredients to give your venture a fighting chance to [...]

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Three Reasons Hiring for your Startup is a Bad Idea

Risky Business No matter the company, its size, products, or services offered, the most risky and difficult thing you will ever do over the life of your company is hire an employee. It is precisely for this reason that you should put it off for as long as you can. You’ve got thousands, and perhaps [...]

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Are Branded Promotional Products Still Worth It?

Once upon a time, in a far away land called “the twentieth century” businesses used to give away stuff for free in an effort to woo clients and customers to their businesses. A lot of the time these things were sent through the mail, often toward the end of the year, as a sort of [...]

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Finding a Content Management System that isn’t WordPress

WordPress is a great CMS. Millions of websites run on WordPress. Its ubiquity is a testament to its simplicity and reliability; however, there are times where simplicity isn't what you need. The demands of your site may require something with better performance or more flexibility. You may even need a CMS that has an entirely [...]

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