AaronSorkinNow that the Steve Jobs biopic, starring Ashton Kutcher and entitled Jobs, has crept into obscurity without wowing the masses, political drama maestro Aaron Sorkin has completed his own Steve Jobs script. The script, is said to be based on the Walter Isaacson book, but will only focus on three main portions of Jobs’ life.

Technobuffalo reported in November of 2012 that Sorkin’s screen play would focus on Jobs time with Mac, NeXT and the iPod. The 2013 Jobs movie spent over 2 hours jumping around Jobs’ life with a focus on his early years, his ouster at Apple and then ending as Jobs was coming back home to Infinite Loop.  Sorkin believes that his approach to the Steve Jobs story will break the “cradle to grave” structure that most biopics have, the same structure found in the Kutcher film.

Sorkin is the critically acclaimed writer and producer behind the hit show Newsroom, West Wing and “Social Network”, the Facebook movie. Sorkin was originally tapped to pen the Jobs film for Sony back in the spring of 2012 and has been quiet about it until now.

Technobuffalo found this tidbit at the end of a Variety interview with Sorkin in regards to the third and final season of Newsroom.

With the season three order now official, Variety has also confirmed that Sorkin has turned in script for Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic, which Sorkin was tapped to pen in spring 2012.  It’s likely we won’t see this movie on the big screen until sometime in 2016.