Education, EdTech, Whole, App, ThreesSo at this point in time if you haven’t heard of the megahit game Threes there’s something wrong with you. It’s an addictive game that has the player try and build up multiples of Three to score more and more points. Start playing against family members and it becomes downright time consuming.

While Threes is perfect for just about any age, there’s actually a fractions game by edtech company Algebrawsome that’s just about addicting as Threes.  At the same time though, it’s teaching kids everywhere how to master fractions. The game is called Whole. Like Threes, you’re looking to match numbers together, but in the case of Whole you’re making fractions add up to a whole. It’s addictive, fun and educational.

“Most math apps are drills dressed in fancy clothing. The game play helps because it is repetitive but it does not encourage a deeper understanding of concepts. The game play of Whole is designed to be as simple as possible so that the strategy requires one to see how the numbers work. By using small fractions that are multiples of 2, the math is simple yet very fundamental. People are motivated by the challenge of getting a higher score and to do so, they need to focus on the interplay of the parts of fractions.  ” Algebrawsome co-founder Redmond Wallace told us in an interview.

whole-screenshotWallace has been teaching math for the last six years and incorporates Whole and other app concepts into his daily lessons. Wallace, who has a Masters of Education from the University of Tennessee Martin and a BA in Writing Seminars from Johns Hopkins is the idea guy behind Algebrawsome. He’s teamed up with developer Noam Davidovic who makes their ideas come to life.

Their first app Whole, is a gateway to more forthcoming apps which will focus on other key stages of Algebra, with the simplicity of Whole. They’re going to focus on the major “traps” of math like negative numbers, percentages, and factoring.

Algebrawsome is targeting age appropriate learners but at the same time they’re finding people of all ages that need  a refresher in their math literacy are also enjoying Whole. You can stay up to date with Algebrawsome here and download Whole from iTunes here and Google Play here.