Any Inc

There is no question that there are a ton of idle companies out there. Companies that may have failed, been extremely slow growing, companies with little to no traction, and side work that is going untouched. One of the largest reasons for this is a simple lack of interest and or time to devote. Any Inc. was formed to fight that problem.

Any Inc. is a marketplace to buy and sell corporations:

There are over 28,000,000 corporations in the United States.  Because of high listing and transaction fees, Any Inc. estimates that 89%, over 24,000,000 corporations, are unable to transfer ownership.
Any Inc. solves this problem by offering a low cost platform for any corporation, for or non-profit, big or small, startup or established, failed or successful. 1

There is clearly a need for such a market place. Chris Markl, the Founder of Any Inc., gave us a really good example. “Think about the startups here at One Spark,” Markl started, “The creator creates value through their hard work and money, but when she stops working on her startup, that value goes untapped. It’s like taking a car and putting it in your front yard and just letting it sit there. Any Inc. is a bridge, where you can pass that value onto a new entrepreneur.” It makes a lot of sense. How many unused lines of code are just sitting on hard drives across the U.S., or the world for that matter? Why not pass this software – or whatever it may be – to someone who will actively work on it.

We had a chance to speak with Markl during One Spark. He told us more about Any Inc., and the idea behind the marketplace:

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