appsbar_logo_bWhen the Web 1.0 movement came around in the 90’s it started to become apparent that every business in the world needed a website. At that time though domain names cost hundreds of dollars and a web developer could set you back tens of thousands of dollars. Now domain names can be as cheap as $1.99 and you can develop a decent presence with a handful of popular tools including Website Tonight and Word Press.

Scott Hirsch, a successful serial entrepreneurs is making sure that businesses getting onto the mobile device can do it just as easily. “basically if you can download an app, you can build one using our platform” Hirsch told Techfaster about his platform, Appsbar.

Appsbar, introduced in 2011, has had millions of apps developed using their platform. Small businesses, medium sized businesses, artists, bands, and every day people have taken to their do-it-yourself web based platform to create mobile apps.

“There’s no excuse now for any business owner who wants an app, not to have one” Hirsch said. And he’s right. On a recent trip to Miami I rented an electric bicycle on the “strip”. The owner and I got to talking and he said he wanted an app. Appsbar is a free easy to use resource to do just that.

Now with the conversion from the computer to the smartphone and tablet, Appsbar has raised the bar again by bringing their app creation tool to the mobile screen. The company announced in September that allows users to create apps right on their mobile device. Yes, you can now create your small business’ app while riding the bus or sitting on a park bench.

The feature-rich release of appsbar for mobile web enables users to manage and update their appsbar-built apps through any mobile device.

“The new appsbar allows you to build a professional mobile app from your smart phone or tablet as well as your computer,” Hirsch said. “And it’s still free. We are obviously excited about this new upgrade to the appsbar platform.

Using the mobile web version of appsbar, users can create develop apps using the same tools that were available on the desktop including:

  • Upload multimedia such as photos, videos and audio directly from mobile or tablet device into an appsbar app.
  • Operate a fully-functional HTML editor to enhance or create content pages.
  • Maintain RSS feeds as well as forms.
  • Utilize tools to create, update and test games.

Appsbar users can also modify existing apps on-the-go as well as create and test new apps without being relegated to a desktop environment. All current appsbar forms and pages are supported including discography, menus, photos, and videos.

“It has been our mission to democratize app development and distribution and to give anyone who wants to build an app a pathway to realize their vision,” said Hirsch. “We developed appsbar to give people the power to build, create, and distribute those apps free of charge. Now the mobile web version makes all of these things even easier.”

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