Are you headed to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 24-27th? Do you have your own app yet?

MWC2Apps are becoming almost as common place as a Facebook page. We actually met quite a few people at CES this year who had a link or QR code to their very own app, about themselves, on their business card.

What about that side business, restaurant or retail store you own? If you own your own business and need an app there’s no reason to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new app. You can use Appsbar to create your own app in minutes, and for free.

When the Web 1.0 movement came around in the 90?s it started to become apparent that every business in the world needed a website. At that time though domain names cost hundreds of dollars and a web developer could set you back tens of thousands of dollars. Now domain names can be as cheap as $1.99 and you can develop a decent presence with a handful of popular tools including Website Tonight and Word Press.

Scott Hirsch, a successful serial entrepreneurs is making sure that businesses getting onto the mobile device can do it just as easily. “basically if you can download an app, you can build one using our platform” Hirsch told Techfaster about his platform, Appsbar.

Appsbar, introduced in 2011, has had millions of apps developed using their platform. Small businesses, medium sized businesses, artists, bands, and every day people have taken to their do-it-yourself web based platform to create mobile apps.


If you’re in the mobile industry but don’t have your own app yet it’s time to get with the program. That’s why we invite you to the Techfaster space at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona to create your own app in minutes. It’s really the simplest way to build an app and we’re going to show you how to do it in minutes. You’ll come to our Techfaster space and leave with your very own app. Oh and it’s free.

Come see us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Want to make your own app now, head over to