Archie MD

If you ask a classroom of 5th graders what they want to be when they grow up, you will certainly get a firemen and policeman answers, but you will also get an awful lot of doctor answers. These 5th graders, though they aspire to such an occupation, have little to no idea what doctors do, or what the job entails. ArchieMD wants to change this and give students K-graduate students a new, interactive way to learn about the body.

MedrilsArchieMD is “a physician led company that creates innovative health and science education products for a broad spectrum of students, consumers and professionals.”1 They have built a wide variety of applications and software that covers everything from anatomy and physiology, to diagnosing and treating common injuries and sickness, to performing invasive surgery, and everything in-between.

To date, ArchieMD has three different product lines:

  • Health Science? Animations – “the largest body of high-quality 3D animations related to health and disease in the world. These animation topics include anatomy and physiology, as well as the onset and treatment of nearly every major medical condition.”2
  • Medrills – “a new series of mobile-based (iOS and Android) applications that utilize 3D visualizations and interactives to teach emergency medical concepts and skills.”3
  • Multimedia Trauma Training – “Developed in conjunction with prominent trauma surgeons from leading medical centers, this innovative multimedia trauma trainer is designed to bridge the gap between textbook information and hands-on experience in simulation labs or operating rooms.”4

We stopped by the ArchieMD booth at FETC 2014, and learned much more about the company’s efforts and products:

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