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Making money in the sports betting world is a fantastic buzz, but doing it blindly, without any sense of direction, it can be a bad idea. Whenever you mix money and luck there’s always a chance things can go wrong; however, it’s possible to negate this risk by using some of the latest technology in both the online and mobile world.

Although the title of this article is slightly misleading in that you can’t ever reduce your risk to zero, it is possible to turn the odds in your favour by harnessing the power of modern software. Able to provide small risk betting options for novice punters, these apps allow you to manage your money, plan your bets and analyse data in a much more efficient way than was ever possible before the advent of online betting.

Products such as Bet Mover, MathBetting and Fairbot, allow you have complete control of your sports betting activities and that’s the only way you can really reduce your risk when you gamble. Luck will always play a part in the outcome of any sports betting endeavour (known as variance), even if you do your research and make all the right moves, so the best you can do is minimise the amount of traps you can fall into.

For example, take a product such as MathBetting, this app allows you to set you bet amount, pick the results you believe will happen and the software will scour the betting exchange for the best odds. This app optimises the betting process and works out the best option in all circumstances and basically does the job of a professional sports bettor.

Even if you’re a novice, an app such as MathBetting will allow you to bet like a pro and, while you may not be wagering and winning the same amounts as the big boys, it’s possible to operate on a similar level with a low risk betting strategy aided by modern tech. Sports betting is a fantastic way to make some more money, but only if you’re careful. Fortunately, online software has made things a lot safer for novices, so if you are thinking about venturing out and speculating on your favourite sport, it makes sense to use all the tools at your disposal.