Bigass fans

There has been a huge rush on smart things over the past several months. We’ve seen the smart pillow, a device that makes any AC unit smart, and even a smart power strip over the past quarter. However, we just came across a new product from the awesomely named Big Ass Fans. They are calling their product the World’s First Smart Ceiling Fan:

big ass fan

Big Ass Fans makes a ton of different ceiling fans, but the one in question is called the Haiku with SenseME technology. The SenseME Haiku has an on-board computer and an array of sensors that track motion and temperature. Further, the SenseME technology, “learns your comfort preferences, tailoring fan speed adjustments to what you find comfortable.”1 The company’s Founder and Chief Big Ass – their title, not mine – Carey Smith, made a statement regarding the smart fan:

The typical home has more than three fans, but they’re no smarter or better looking than your great? grandma’s…In the past couple of years, we’ve seen smart thermostats and smart light bulbs, yet you still have to pull a chain to start your ceiling fan. SenseME changes everything.2

The fan is controlled by a smartphone app. The Big Ass App – my name, not theirs – allows you to “to set schedules for both the fan and light or select from several unique control modes, [and] also customize and schedule an alarm with any combination of fan, light and sound.”3

big ass app

Overall, this looks like one heck of a Big Ass Smart Fan. Though there are a ton of different combinations that effect the price, the Big Ass Haiku with SenseME Technology looks to sell for somewhere between $800-1100. You can pre-order on the Big Ass Fans Website, with delivery coming in 8-12 weeks. Here is a good video showing the features of the fan, as well as a bit of fan history: