Over the past several weeks, for whatever reason, we have run into several products and startups focused specifically on the real estate industry. While most have focused on data and analytics, we recently spoke to a startup who’s main goal is to simplify the sales/property management process. As the real estate industry has been slow – at-least slower than many other industries – to adopt new technologies and software, the key to any startup or product entering the space is ease-of-use and simplicity; Bizzio does just that.

Bizzio is web-application built specifically for real estate professional to track deals. Brett Robinson, Bizzio’s CEO, began building the application because, “There was not really product out there that was simple enough that every one of my clients and everyone in my office could understand and easily use.” While there are a great many applications and software programs built specifically for the real estate industry, they have tended to be bulky and mainly contact-based. This is truly what sets Bizzio apart from the pack. Rather than being contact-based and internally exclusive, Bizzio is deal-based and allows for the inclusion of outside users.

Essentially, Bizzio is a quasi-project management platform. Brett described it as sort of, “Evernote + Basecamp + Dropbox + super easy and functional internal email.”  Bizzio combines many of the aspects of traditional project management,  inventory management  and data management software into one platform, specific to the realestate industry. Check out some of the features below:



Bizzio’s classification/organization suite. Quickly move projects from status to status.


The file management center for each project. Easily upload files and documents to each individual project.

Bizzio's internal email. It allows you to easily attach files associated with projects.

Bizzio’s internal email. It allows you to easily attach files associated with projects.

Overall, Bizzio is intuitive, flexible, and extremely robust. Although designed specifically for tracking real estate deals and negotiations, the platform could just as easily be used as a general project management application. Further, nothing at all is lost when moving to a mobile device. The platform maintains, even simplifies, all of the functionality on mobile, making it ideal for real estate professionals.


The simplicity of Bizzio speaks for itself. Go take a free 45-day trial. You can find Bizzio on Facebook and @BizzioDealTrack.