We have seen a ton of interesting Kickstarter campaigns lately. However, we just came across a really unique project. BloomSky has taken to crowdfunding to raise money for their newest product: the Outdoor Module. The BloomSky Outdoor Module is “A hyperlocal weather station that lets you share real-time data and sky image onto a crowdsourced network.”1


The BloomSky Outdoor Module is super flexible, and has a ton of features:

  • 5-in-1 sensors measure temperature, humidity, Barometric pressure, UV exposure, and precipitation with excellent accuracy.
  • Ultra-wide angle HD camera built-in with 45-degree adjustable shooting angle.
  • Smart photometric sensor measures daylight brightness and ensures correct exposure. Smart camera turns on at dawn and off at dusk.
  • Smart rain sensor distinguishes precipitation from other moisture, and responses instantly when rain starts to fall.
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
  • Wireless, no wires to run. Easy to stand upright on stake apparatus for insertion in patio and garden.2

BloomSky 1

Further, the BloomSky Outdoor Module utilizes all of the data it collects through a robust app:

  • Remotely access data collected from BloomSky outdoor and indoor module through iOS and Android.
  • Display temperature, humidity indoor and outdoor, barometric pressure and UV exposure outdoor with a snapshot of the sky.
  • Display snapshot taken by the BloomSky camera, which automatically updates every 3-5 minutes.
  • Automatically creates time-lapse video after sunset.
  • Push notification on precipitation, temperature sudden changes based on users’ preference.
  • Easy to subscribe other BloomSky stations.
  • Data and pictures saved on the cloud, daily and historical data.3

BloomSky App

Overall, the BloomSky Outdoor Module looks like an incredibly useful weather sensor. There are a few early bird deals left on the Kickstarter campaign, with a price of $99. Once these are sold out, you can grab one for $129.