bounceit, Apps, iOS appIt seems like all we’ve heard about over the last 8 years has been Obamacare. Of course in the last year, as Obamacare started to roll out (if you want to call it that), it’s really come under fire. To some it’s a hot button topic for the insured, the uninsured, the rich, the poor, the business owner and the entrepreneur. To most, clusterfuck, would probably be an understatement.

People are flocking to social media, Facebook, forums, Twitter, and mobile app bounceit! to share their opinions.

bounceit! is a new mobile app that’s like “Hot or Not” but more grown up. Let’s face it, people who were in college at the tail end of the last decade were enamored with ideas like hot or not. See a visual, get emotional, really quickly vote on it, move on.  People have an incredible knack for taking much more in about a picture than just the picture itself.

“People are smart when they look at pictures,” Sean Rad founder of Tinder,  told Business Insider. “If a girl sees a guy who looks like an Abercrombie model, there’s a good chance she’ll swipe left (“no”) because he looks full of himself.”

bounceit! provides a similar connection for people about a whole world outside of people. bounceit! users can post a picture to the platform and then other users can like or not like the picture. The results of that “bounce” are displayed in a graph right below the picture itself. It can be anything from whether you remember the hit show Flash Gordon, or if you think Obama made a bad choice by posing for a selfie at Nelson Mandella’s memorial service.

bonueit! takes a concept many millennials are familiar with it and allows them to expand that natural mechanism to current events and every day life. bounceit! also gives something people everywhere in the world have been craving, a “not like” button.

With the up tick in discussion about Obamacare people flocked to bounceit! to quickly express their feelings and get in on the discussion. The team at bounceit! compiled the data below.





You can join the fun by downloading bounceit here.