Box Hockey Awesome & Fun

As schools and parents have become more and more hesitant to let children compete in any sort of physical activity during gym class – that’s a story for another time – there are few choices for the class. There has been a wholesale shift away from sports and physical activity to more of a focus on health and fitness. While this is all well and good, gym class now, for lack of a better word, sucks. But it doesn’t need to. At least that is Andy Brody’s idea.

box hockey

Though not invented as a classroom tool, Box Hockey is just that. As schools are moving away from competitive, physical activity, Box Hockey is a perfect game to adopt. Brody gave us a good overview of his company, and his product:

BOX HOCKEY INTERNATIONAL, INC. mfg’s & distributes it’s own BOX HOCKEY game set which is used to engage kids in healthy & fun exercise. The game set is used for phys.ed. classes, after-school programs, recess, camps and general recreation. It is also used for fund-raising. Guaranteed fast-action fun & excitement for all ages. Benefits include: Full-body work-out, cardio, muscle strengthening, hand-eye coordination, burns calories…..all while having fun. It’s portable and sets-up just about anywhere.

Box Hockey is also incredibly fun. While at the NAESP conference, Kyle and our 6 year old special correspondent Tatum F. had a chance to play a game of Box Hockey. Check it out: