Btunes-1Most high end headphones, aka Beats, top models from Sony, SOL, Sennheiser and many more, connect from the headphones to the audio producing device via a detachable cord. For the past decade or so, headphone manufacturers have found it valuable to save their customers from having to replace expensive headphones just because the wire snapped. But now, of course, there’s a better way.

Introducing the BTunes device that turns just about any high end pair of headphones into a Bluetooth wireless headphone.

Many audiophiles feel like the wireless headphones on the market don’t compare to their wired brethren, now there’s a device to make your favorite, top dollar headphones, wireless via bluetooth.

BTunes-2The BTunes device is a small device that hooks to the headphone portion of your headphones, where the 3.5mm cord would typically go. This device is rechargeable and syncs to your smartphone, tablet, computer or even TV’s Bluetooth giving you the freedom to walk about, exercise or even run wirelessly.

The device was created for those who’ve had their day totally ruined by a headphone wire snag. Typically those snags result in at least having to go to the store and getting a new, subpar cord. However, in some crazy instances the user has tripped over the cord or made expensive things fall off of shelves, tables or counters because the cord got in the way. Using the BTunes device you cut the cord for your favorite pair of headphones.

Btunes-3BTunes says they support top headphones from Beats By Dre, Bose, Sennheiser, V-Moda, Monster, Marshall and many more. The truth of the matter is that you can use BTunes with any headphones that have a detachable 3.5mm (1/8″) cord.

Would you rather use NFC over Bluetooth, no problem, the folks at BTunes have even included an NFC chip so people with NFC enabled smartphones can pair via NFC.

The BTunes also supports multi-point pairing which means you can be paired with two devices at one time. You can be listening to audio from your laptop and stay connected to the phone so you don’t miss that important call.

You can find out more about BTunes here.