BumpArmor-2Have you ever seen an iPad case that you could really just bounce the iPad off the sidewalk? Sure there are cases by Otterbox and Griffin that offer maximum protection from situations that most grown adults may consider an accident, but what about kids.

We had one of those premium cases on my 6 year old daughters iPad when she decided it would be a good idea to let her iPad fall from the catwalk between our upstairs rooms and down to the hardwood floor. The impact actually shattered the screen on the iPad, because after all when it’s all said and done it’s still hard plastic.

What if there was a cushion, padded case that could absorb those impacts and keep the iPad in pristine condition?

Where there is, and it’s called Bump Armor.

We first saw Bump Armor last spring at the Florida Educational Technology Conference. They were also at the Alabama Educational Technology Conference and TCEA’s Tots & Tech event.

Why? Because teachers need these cases for their students. Students have wise ideas. Our daughter is extremely smart and we figure she was told so many times that the case on her iPad was strong, so she may as well let the iPad downstairs the easy way.

Kids in schools are just like this. They may be sweet, smart and intuitive but who knows when an iPad may accidentally be thrown across the room, or on the floor. Maybe a student would think it wise to take the iPad up the monkey bars (wait to playgrounds even still have monkey bars). But you get the idea. Accidents happen and kid accidents can be a little harder on electronics than adult accidents.

Bump Armor completely encloses the iPad into a case made of specially formulated closed cell EVA foam. This is the same foam found in shock absorbing running shoes, and protective athletic gear. This foam is meant to take a beating.

The Bump Armor cases come in a variety of kid friendly colors and come with a piece that allows the iPad to sit straight up horizontally or vertically.

Other features include:

  • Lightweight & durable
  • Special formulated closed cell technology provides ultra protection
  • Easy access to all ports and controls
  • Unobstructed camera and sleep button
  • Made of safe, kid friendly, non-toxic foam
  • Resistant to germs, mold, oils, chemicals and is easy to clean
  • Special speaker channel directs sound toward the user not the back
  • Uniquely contoured sides & back pattern allows for comfortable ergonomic grip

The best part is you can literally take the iPad from shoulder height and throw it on the ground. Do you know what happens? It bounces right back. Don’t believe us, watch the video below: