Cardberry, Coin, Loyalty Card

Cardberry Loyalty Card

When Coin was introduced it caught on like wild fire. If you’re not familiar with Coin, it’s the single card solution that stores all of your credit cards. This way you have one, safe, secure card for all of your credit cards providing you less risk of losing one of your important cards.

Cardberry takes a similar idea and applies it to loyalty cards. Cardberry works virtually the same way that Coin does except for loyalty cards.

With Cardberry you scan all of your loyalty cards into the Carberry app on your smartphone. When it’s time to use it you simply move it to your Cardberry physical card and then use it like any loyalty cards.

Sure there are apps like KeyRing that allow you to store cards on your phone and then scan your phone but the problem with that is many card reader systems can’t scan the phone. Nothing is more  annoying then being behind someone who is trying to use a loyalty card directly on a smartphone and it’s not scanning.

This brings the physical element back into the equation, which at this point in time is still necessary.

Cardberry also has some unique features that make it even more appealing.

Share with friends: With Cardberry you can share a loyalty card with a friend. Simply swipe your friends loyalty card into your Carberry app and when your done using it, that card transfers right back to the original owner. This is perfect if you’re going to shop at a store you don’t regularly shop at but your friends do.

Cardberry is also backed by the Cardberry community that will allow you to share your good loyalty card deal information with your friends in the Cardberry community.

Cardberry is preparing to set up a preorder crowdfunding campaign. In the meantime you can find out more here at