CAT-B100There are some great rugged and durable cases out there to protect your wireless phone and your smartphone. Names like Otterbox, LifeProof and Ballistic have become popular because of their ruggedness and durability. You’ll find cases by those brands in field service, construction work, emergency services and even the military. But what about phone’s designed to withstand the most rigorous day without a third party case.

Enter Bullitt Mobile Worldwide, the worldwide licensee of CAT phones. Yes the same CAT that makes the biggest and baddest front loaders, bulldozers and other gigantic power equipment. CAT is known to protect their name and brand vigorously so a partnership with Bullitt only signifies that their phones, cases and chargers have to meet the test of the harshest environments.

While CAT is synonymous with construction, land clearing and earth moving, people in any profession where their phone could be at risk for breaking easily will benefit from a CAT phone.

CAT already has the B15 Android powered smartphone on the market. In the US it’s currently available in Cincinnati. But what about feature phones.

Well Today at CES CAT Phones announced the new B100, a rugged, feature phone which makes it easy to do what a phone is supposed to do, take and make calls. A CAT Phone representative told us at CES that the feature phone is actually very popular with their target user. Men and women that have their phones on construction job sites or even at the local fire station, are generally too busy for the features that come in a smartphone. They don’t play games on their phones while they are working. They just want it to take and make calls, and of course receive text messages. With the B100 that’s what CAT delivers.

“The Cat B100 is a practical and tough mobile phone, designed for people who demand ultimate reliability. Its rugged features, long battery life and talk time make the B100 an ideal choice for tough conditions,” said Dave Floyd, Co-CEO of Bullitt Mobile Ltd. “This is a phone that won’t let you down.”
As with the Cat B15, the new B100 has been designed to survive a 1.8meter drop, being submerged in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes and can even withstand temperatures from -25 to 55 Its impressive battery life of 10 hours talk time mean the B100 is the ideal companion for anyone with an active life.
B100 Specs
Durability: IP67 + MIL SPEC 810G*
Battery: 10 hours talk time, 1150mAh
Display: 2.2” QVGA
Camera: 3.0MP, 4 x zoom
Check out our video of the B100 below: