Grammaropolis Is Like The School House Rock Of The 21st Century [NAESP Preview]

Grammaropolis NAESP Were you a child of School House Rock? Did you learn how a bill became a law by singing the School House Rock song about it? Did you learn what a conjunction was by listening to "Conjunction junction what's your function". Well creating characters, songs, videos and games about Grammar is exactly how [...]

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App Fuels 27 Million Acts Of Kindness Across K-12 Students

Great Kindness Challenge App NAESP We're gearing up for the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) conference in Nashville later this week. In our preparations for the event, like all events, we reached out to the exhibitors to start some preview stories ahead of time. One of those with Great Kindness Challenge, from Kids [...]

Teacherlists Takes A Huge Headache Out Of Back 2 School [NAESP Preview]

Teacherlists NAESP As a parent of an elementary school student, and having been through 12 years of back to school preparation myself I am intimately familiar with the back to school list. It seems that most parents either get the back to school list in the mail, or it's posted on a wall at the [...]

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NAESP Preview: VariQuest: Visual Tools for Educators [edtech]

   It's time to go to the principal's office. We're getting ready for the National Association of Elementary School Principals conference in Nashville this weekend. . We have had the opportunity to speak with several exhibitors. Among these exhibitor companies is VariQuest. VariQuest offers educators with a ton of Visual Learning Tools, aimed at allowing [...]

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Looking for Educational Research? McREL is Your Source [NAESP Preview]

McREL EdTech NAESP Another company that we have been able to speak with leading up to National Association of Elementary School Principles 2014 conference later this week is McREL International. It is a bit of a mouthful, but McREL is a "private, nonprofit, nonpartisan education research and development corporation." Essentially, that means that they perform a [...]

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