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As a parent of an elementary school student, and having been through 12 years of back to school preparation myself I am intimately familiar with the back to school list.

It seems that most parents either get the back to school list in the mail, or it’s posted on a wall at the school when it’s time to go figure out what homeroom teacher your child will have. Walmart and Target typically get copies of the lists and put them out for all the parents as well. However, it seems that every year for my child’s school and my child’s grade, the list is missing. It’s just run away from all the other lists no matter where it’s supposed to be.

Schools are also notorious for updating gallery photos on their website but forgetting important stuff like the back to school supply lists.

Which makes this process even worse for parents everywhere is that every grade at every school has an entirely different list. Crayola glue sticks may be on one list, and Elmer’s glue on another, with a specific note not to bring the other brand. Sharpened number two pencils may be on one list while mechanical pencils may be on another. Improvisation is completely impossible.

Thank heavens for a man named Tim Sullivan and teacherlists.com.

As the name may indicate teacherlists.com is a repository of teacher school supply lists from across the country.

The concept behind The National School Supply Lists Directory is simple.  Teachers create and post their school supply lists on TeacherLists.com. Schools then share the unique URL with parents via social media, the school website, direct email and more. This free online tool is creating the first-ever nationwide procedure for creating and distributing school supply lists in a digital format, seamlessly making the entire process easier for both teachers and parents.

Sullivan has partnered with major brands like Elmer’s, Kleenex, Mead, and most recently BIC to keep teacherlists free for teachers, schools and parents.

“We are excited to be supporting TeacherLists.com and making the distribution of back-to-school shopping lists more convenient for parents and teachers,” said Regina Hobbs, Shopper Insights Manager, BIC Consumer Products USA. “BIC Stationery products continue to be essential tools for students as they go back to school as well as throughout the year. Parents and teachers can feel good about BIC’s line of stationery products because of their trusted quality and value that they provide.”

If you’re an elementary school principal headed to the National Association of Elementary Schools Conference you can find out more and sign your school up for teacherlists.com at booth #350

You can check out teacherlists.com here.