KLAX: Badass Ax Head Multi-Tool on Kickstarter

We love a good crowdfunding campaign. However, it seems like the great majority of these campaigns that we cover are not really in any way practical for everyday life. Most are novelties. There have been a ton of cool an interesting ones, but they seem to be more extravagant than anything. There was the mission [...]

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Tommies Ties: The Necktie That Can Clean Your Phone

We cover an awful lot of crowdfunding campaigns, nearly all of which are some sort of tech product or app. However, every so often we come across non-tech campaigns that are just so interesting or useful that we have to sneak them in. This is one of those times. As Father's Day is coming up, [...]

Kid Keemo: Cancer Fighting Companions For Kids

One of our favorite One Spark Creators that we had a chance to speak with was Craig Riley, the Founder of Kid Keemo. Kid Keemo was created to "make kids with cancer feel normal again."Kide Keemo One Spark Creator Profile Kid Keemo is actually the character that you see above. Kid Keemo is a part [...]