Fixd-sensorThe “internet of things” is allowing us to do more and more with sensors and get more relevant data back about all the important aspects of your life through mobile apps. For most, the car is a very important part of their lives. Without your car you can’t get to work, pick the kids up from school or go out and have fun. When the car is running on all cylinders, that’s great. But what about that check engine light? Have you ever taken your vehicle to the dealership or one of the major chain auto parts stores to get that check engine light diagnosed? Typically a mechanic will hook their computer up to your car and have a reading in a matter of seconds. When was the last time you asked the mechanic if you could see that reading? Chances are if you ever got to see the reading from the equipment most dealerships and auto shops see is written in a way that only the mechanic can read it. In most shops this is fine but what about that shop that’s going to overcharge you for something you may not need right this second. There’s no way to know if it’s a spark plug misfiring or an air filter needing to be replaced. Sure most mechanics are honest to a degree, but with the current way of checking your check engine light, it’s anybody’s guess. That’s why an Atlanta based team of entrepreneurs created the Fixd App. Fixd App is a two part system that consists of a censor that ties into your cars computer through the commonly found under dash port. That sensor talks directly to the Fixd App and can quickly diagnose what’s going on with your car. Fixd-App-viewWhat’s unique about the Fixd App is that it reads the data from the sensor and then provides the user with data that they’ll understand, even if they aren’t a mechanic. Some of the data points from Fixd include:

  • What’s wrong with your car
  • Consequences of continued driving
  • the severity of the problem
  • an estimate of what that repair may cost
  • and notifications to your phone when something isn’t right

Fixd-Service-TimelineUsers can also manage the maintenance of multiple cars from the same app. Fix’d can also manage each vehicles maintenance schedule separately. If you need a tire rotation in two months, an oil change in six weeks and a filter change in two weeks, you’ll find all this information in an easy to read and understand suggested schedule. It’s easy to see how Fixd will actually help drivers save more money. Users will save money by identifying potentially costly automotive problems before they become more serious issues. This means less missed work and less costly repairs. Fixd will also prolong the life of your car. By having a birds eye view of what’s going on in your car from the mobile app you’ll be able to better prepare, by keeping maintenance on a schedule. You can pre-order the  Fixd sensor here for just $40.