CoinGuard-1CoinGuard Protect Your Stuff

A really cool new product from Pilot Labs in San Diego California makes it incredibly easy to guard and protect just about anything, for any amount of time, in your home or office.

The product is called CoinGuard and it consists of a coin sized sensor/beacon that interacts with it’s own special hub that’s connected, via wire, to your network. The CoinGuard wirelessly connects to the hub but the hub connects via ethernet cord to your router which is significant because it means less chance for interruption and more successful protection.

Once you set the CoinGuard’s hub up to your network you simply hit the connect button on the CoinGuard and put it wherever you want to protect something. The possibilities are endless.

The CoinGuard hub can sync with multiple CoinGuards. From there it syncs to its own personal cloud and then with an app on your smartphone. You can have a variety of CoinGuards set up and identify them by their purpose if you would like. Say you keep a CoinGuard semipermanently in a gun cabinet, you can label that one “gun cabinet”.

CoinGuard-keyboardCoinGuard can also be used in your small business. You can put a CoinGuard in your safe, or in the till. You can put a CoinGuard in inventory boxes to make sure your employees aren’t messing with your inventory, you can even put one in the dressing room to alert you as you have guests come in our out.

The CoinGuard is so easy to set up and so versatile that if you cooked up a batch of fudge for the holidays and wanted to make sure your husband or your kids weren’t getting into it you could put a CoinGuard next to the container with the fudge. If sticky fingers were eating your fudge you would instantly know.

PilotLabs will also make it possible for CoinGuard to interact in your smarthome as a triggering device. Did your kids go snooping for their holiday presents while you were at work? A CoinGuard could easily let you know that they opened a closet door they weren’t supposed to get into and then trigger an iP Camera to turn on and start recording.

Obviously it’s not all fun and game CoinGuard could be a big part of a home or small business’ security system.

We’ve really never seen a product that’s so easy to set up and so versatile at the same time.

PilotLabs is no stranger to this connected world we live in and the internet of things. They’ve already created smart LED lighting and a variety of other home products. You can find out more about CoinGuard here.